Soto Gloves


So you need a new glove. You’re looking for a higher end, custom built glove that fits your hand like a second layer of skin. You go to the popular glove sites, try to build a model you like and then hit enter to get the pricing…… Once you recover from sticker shock, you go back and rebuild the glove leaving off the bells and whistles to try and get the price to fit your budget but you just get disappointed.

I have heard this over and over while set up and tournaments and thought there had to be a solution that solves all these issues. This is why starting this year, I have partnered with Soto gloves out of California. These are custom made gloves from the piping to the leather color, to the lace color to embroidery of any design on your glove making it truly personalized.

I help you from the design process to delivery of the product and back our product 100%. These gloves play just like the popular brands but here’s the best part, they’re half the price! Each glove starts at $250.00. We offer free break in with every glove ordered and stand behind each glove.

I am the sales representative for Soto and cover Virginia, DC and Maryland. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have! I look forward to helping you design and build your teams next gloves.

John McHale (AKA The Glove Dr)