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Gloves in Action

23 May

  Here are some of the gloves that we’ve worked on in action. If you have some pictures you’d like to share send them to us at and we’ll post them on our site. Thanks !

Rawlings Pro1000 series Before & After

24 Mar

Here is a glove we did recently for a high school pitcher who needed the laces swapped out so that he could pitch. Rules state there can be no white color on glove. We hooked him up with some maroon lacing and he’s good to go. This glove looks sharp now !  

Wilson “The A2001” Infielders Glove

03 Jul

Here’s another mitt I just received before relacing. Notice the broken laces and the attempt by someone to try and redo the fingers. Once I get this finished I’ll post the after photos as well. Keep ’em coming ! Here are the after shots of the same glove. Notice how it took back the original […]

Rawlings Earl Battey Catchers Mitt

01 Jul

Here is a forty year mitt that was sent to me from a customer In Hawaii not to long ago. I really enjoy working with the older gloves as it gives you an awesome feeling knowing you’re preserving something that is so old and making it ready for use if need be. Sure, they’re a […]

Rawlings RCM45

04 May

Here’s a glove I just finished up recently. I don’t have any before pictures but check out the video I did (before & after)

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